The Specialists 

Basically the personnels making up our team are as follows:

  • Research Officers  -  The function is  to do research on the many topics, issue and subjects involved in the programs broadcast through the network.  We believe in authentic and credible facts.
  • Writers  -  We believe in scripting all our programs.  We are still stuck with the old system of writing everything that we present in our programs.  We don't want to make mistakes,  and we want to use the correct language construction be it Bahasa Malaysia or English.
  • Presenters  -  We believe in having presenters with the best voice around ... a voice that is appealing and friendly.
  • Producers  - We have managed to invite a number of producers with a wide experience in the media and communications.
I believe we have a good team to run the show.  And I know they will not disappoint you.

If you ask me at this moment of time who are the people making up my team … my answer will be … the team is made up of a mixture of personalities,  with a varied background and experience.  This is actually a unique combination of men and women given the task of entertaining,  informing and educating people.

But again,  if you ask me if this mixture of varieties in character and experience  will work … I would say,  it would and it should.

Then,  you may ask me what age group do they belong.  No … not the toddler or infant group.  Some have reached the golden age,  some are still trying to make a go at being young again … but overall they are of the cultured and mature types of individuals I have ever come across.

I respect and trust them.

I know I can count on them to meet you our listeners through the programs I have asked them to produce.  From what I gather,  they have been working hard on their projects … to be in time for the real launching date of the channel.

Anyway,  I feel confident that this team of some newcomers and some old has-beens in the radio industry will be helping me to ensure the smooth running and the success of our  EPC RADIO.

Insya-Allah we will meet you in the Internet in about a week’s time.

We hope you will enjoy our programs and that you will continue to be with us … and make us your choice channel. 

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